Feb 7th F3QSOURCE Daily Leadership Message Scriptures and Quotes

Daily Leadership Message

The Q Builds Effective Organizations To Accomplish His Ultimate Purpose

Of the three types of Organizations, it is only the Lizard that will help the Virtuous Leader accomplish his Purpose. The other two will only hold him back because they are in-Effective.

The Bullfrog

Picture an Organization as a ship. The Bullfrog sits inertly at a rusty anchor in the calmest cove it can find while the Leech is somewhere between listing and sinking. But the Lizard is in motion. It is the only Organizational ship that makes headway through turbulent waters to a destination defined by its Articulated Purpose.

Because the Legacy-seeking Q is in motion towards the realization of his Ultimate Purpose, he will find his Membership in an inert Bullfrog to be at cross-purposes with the Organization’s objective of existential continuity. The Q seeks Advantage while the Bullfrog clings to the Status Quo. It is an Institution that has little use for a Virtuous Leader. What the Bullfrog needs is managers to rearrange its Deck Chairs periodically.

The Leech

The Leech, having already collided with the Iceberg, has no real need of Leaders. At most, the Q would find himself bailing water and directing traffic to the lifeboats. Membership in a Leech is about survival not Purpose. The only Legacy the Q will leave there is one of brave but futile gestures.

Because he is oriented on Legacy, the Q doesn’t waste time with Bullfrogs and Leeches. He focuses on building Lizards.

The Lizard Is All About Movement

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LIZARD BUILDING: The Q’s building of Effective Organizations to accomplish his Ultimate Purpose. (Q4.4).

Daily Scripture

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.

Matthew 28:18-20

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Daily Quotes

  • “Power isn’t control at all–power is strength, and giving that strength to others. A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own.”

Beth Revis

  • “Don’t tell people how to do things; tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

George S. Patton Jr.

  • “I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.”

Lao Tzu

Leader Leading Leaders

Last night was the last game for my eight-year-old son’s soccer team. It was the final quarter. The score was two to one, my son’s team in the lead. Parents shouted encouragement from the sidelines as the boys clashed on the field. With less than ten seconds remaining, the ball rolled in front of my son’s teammate, one Mikey O’Donnell. With shouts of “Kick it!” echoing across the field, Mikey reared back and gave it everything he had.

All around me the crowd fell silent as the ball flew into the goal. Mikey O’Donnell had scored!

Mikey had scored all right, but in the wrong goal, ending the game in a tie. For a moment there was total silence. You see Mikey has Down’s Syndrome and for him there is no such thing as a wrong goal. All goals were celebrated by a joyous hug from Mickey. He had even been known to hug the opposing players when they scored.

The silence was finally broken when Mikey, his face filled with joy, grabbed my son, hugged him and yelled, “I scored! I scored. Everybody won! Everybody won!”

For a moment I held my breath, not sure how my son would react. I need not have worried. I watched, through tears, as my son threw up his hand in the classic high-five salute and started chanting, “Way to go Mikey! Way to go Mikey!”

Within moments, both teams surrounded Mikey, joining in the chant and congratulating him on his goal. Later that night, when my daughter asked who had won, my son smiled and replied, “It was a tie. Everybody won!”

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