March 3rd Daily Leadership Message Scriptures and Quotes

7 Principles To Live By For A Great Life

A reasonable life can be achieved by anyone. An OK life, an OK job, OK relationships – anyone can have these. If you want a great life, you must commit to it. Doing things, the majority do not do. Commit to thinking like the minority, not the majority.

Here are 7 principles to live by for an abundant, happy, succesful life:

1. One day you will be gone.

Maybe in 50 years, maybe in fifty weeks, maybe next week, or even today. Nobody knows. And rather than live in fear of this, we should embrace the fact that this life is short, and unpredictable. Knowing this, we must live fully today. Give your all, your very best today. In everything you do, give your greatest energy to your family, to everyone you encounter today. It is a reminder for you to live your best self in each moment. What if tomorrow you’ll be gone? What would they speak of you? What can you do that will leave a lasting, positive memory in the lives of everyone you come into contact with? Be light hearted, knowing that in the end, none of this stuff matters. The only thing that ever matters, is how you made others feel, and how you felt.

2. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have

If there has been someone, even one person in this planet that done it before, that means: you can too. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it does mean, it is possible. As long as it is possible, you can work towards it. You can make a plan. Learn what needs to be done your craziest, most abundant life.

3. Nothing is worth it, if it doesn’t make you happy

If it doesn’t a) make you happy, or b) make you better, dont make time for it. It means if it doesn’t make you happy now while you are doing it, or if it isn’t going to make you happy as a result of doing it, it most likely is not worth it. Almost anything worth fighting for is going to require a real fight to win a great prize. You will have to sacrifice for almost anything worthwhile in this life. But you should ask yourself this question about everything you do in your life: Does this make me happy?

If the answer is no, ask yourself, will this sacrifice I am making, lead to more happiness in the long term? If no, you should let it go.

4. Be yourself

Always. No exceptions. The only way you can live happy in this life, the only way you can be successful, is if you be you. You will never be truly happy in life if you are constantly doing things to please others, to compete with others, or to be like another. You are unique, and that is your greatest gift. When you follow your own path, regardless if that fits in with others, you open up space for great things to enter your life. Compare yourself to noone, compete with no other. Make your own decisions, and it will lead to your greatest life.

5. Everything you need is already within you

In this world, we see endless examples of people who seemingly have it all. But they are empty. Things will never complete you. Other people will never complete you. There is a saying: Needing nothing attracts everything. When you come from a place of needing nothing, of seeking nothing outside yourself to make you happy, you open up space for more amazing things to come in your life. Happiness is a state of mind, it is the highest level of success. Do what feels good, the rest will follow.

6. There is no room for toxic people

Sorrounding yourself with negative people is the worst things you can do if you want to live a great and happy life. Unfortunately not everyone including families and friends will share the same positive energy you have. Some will take a while, some might never get there. Let them run their own race, while you focus on living your own happiness. Those who are truly aligned with you will never hold you back from living the life you want to live.

7. Whatever you focus on, you will find

If you search for negativity in this world, you will find plenty of it. The same is true on the flip side. If your only intention is to search for the good, you will find only the good. Whatever meaning you give your life, becomes your life. It can be a failure, or a lesson. Heartbreak, or character building. Life is against you, or making you stronger. Because there is no such thing as reality. We choose our own reality by the meaning we give each moment in our lives. Make your intention to look for the good in your life, to notice the good in others, to be grateful for everything you have, to see challenges as opportunities to show your true character.

Practice seeing the good in your life, think the best, expect the best, and always ask yourself, how can this benefit my life?

Leave who you were, love who you are, and look forward to who you will become

Daily Scripture

Galatians 6:10

So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

James 2:18

But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works

Daily Quotes

  • “Success at the highest level comes down to one question: Can you decide that your happiness can come from someone else’s success?” Bill Walton
  • “There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience.” Archibald McLeish
  • “Once you do something you love, you never have to work again.” Willie Hill

Leaders Leading Leaders

If you truly understand your accountability before God as a leader, you can begin to see why Christ portrayed the leader as a servant.

He was not suggesting, as many have supposed, that lowliness alone is the essence of leadership. There are plenty of humble, meek, tenderhearted, servant-minded people who are not leaders. A true leader inspires followers. Someone who has no followers can hardly be called a leader.

So while it is certainly true that leadership demands a servant’s heart; it is by no means the case that everyone with a servant’s heart is thereby a leader. There’s far more to leadership than that.

To put it simply, leadership is influence. The ideal leader is someone whose life and character motivate people to follow. The best kind of leadership derives its authority first from the force of a righteous example, and not merely from the power of prestige, personality, or position. By contrast, much of the world’s “leadership”is nothing but manipulation of people by threats and rewards. That is not true leadership; it’s exploitation. Real leadership seeks to motivate people from the inside, by an appeal to the heart, not by external pressure and coercion.

For all those reasons, leadership is not about style or technique as much as it is about character.

Want proof that effective leadership is not just about style? Notice that a number of divergent leadership styles are modeled in Scripture.

Elijah was a loner and a prophet

Moses delegated duties to trusted people whom he kept close to him. Peter was brash

John was tenderhearted

Paul was a dynamic leader, even when being carried about in chains.

He influenced people primarily through the force of his words. Evidently, his physical appearance was anything but powerfulAll were men of action, and all used their diverse gifts in markedly different ways. Their leadership styles were varied and diverse. But all were true leaders.

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