March 18th Daily Leadership Message Scriptures and Quotes

Some folks have it all together, well that ain’t me

Broken people are a different kinda breed. Sure some of us make it out of what broke us and we move on and live some what of a normal life. But the brokenness is always there. Sometimes it’s miles away and other times it’s right beside us.

Mistakes, whether self-inflicted or from others, haunt a broken person all their lives. Now I 100% believe in God’s Restoration and His Forgiving Power, but once you’ve experienced brokenness, you will never forget it.

The separation of feeling normal, living normal, loving normal is something unfamiliar. Not having a normal family in your younger years is something that can never be replaced. I have a great life now, I’m not complaining. It’s just at times it seems like I’m a million miles away from everyone else. Even in a crowd of many,

I still at times feel so far away. If I’m honest, I really have a hard time loving and truly understanding love. I mean honestly behind the mask of “I’ve got it all together “. Knowing how to communicate and have a normal conversation is not a normal trait for me.

Recalling good memories of past experiences is for me. Now I’m not crying victim or “poor ole me”, cause I’ve caused a lot of my own pain. I’m only saying sometimes you normal folks talk to us broken people in a language we can’t understand. I’m fine. Yeah that’s the biggest lie we all tell. I have no idea way I’m posting this at 2:07am. Can’t sleep with Fears and Demons that show their presence when I sleep and most venerable.

I wish I was a better husband, father, son, brother, friend, leader, worshiper, soldier, and citizen, the list goes on.

But to be honest, I think what the world needs and God is wanting is someone who is more honest and open. In a world of so much fake and social media where everyone is picture perfect, what people need is someone who is honest about the fact that “hey I’m really screwed up, but yet I’m not giving up!!!”.

Broken crayons still color is my favorite little meme or whatever those things are called. The main reason is because it speaks so much truth!!!

Most of the time, the broken crayons in the box color the best. You know that crayon in the box that fits just right in your hand and isn’t a brand new one so it has a rounded point and it doesn’t break as easy. To really understand brokenness, you must first experience it.

There’s so much stuff about my past that I’ve done that I hate. Even though God forgives, you always have those memories of how you screwed up!!! Someone doing you wrong, as a child or an adult, you never forget that.

You forgive and move on but it’s still there.

Judge nothing, you will be happy.

Forgive everything, you will be happier.

Love everything, you will be happiest.

We have come a long way. And the path dosen’t get shorter or less difficult.We get stronger
Together As A Brother’s Keeper

Daily Scriptures

PETER 3:16

Having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame

JOB 27:4-6

My lips will not speak falsehood, and my tongue will not utter deceit. Far be it from me to say that you are right; till I die I will not put away my integrity from me. I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go; my heart does not reproach me for any of my days.


Not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart

Daily Quote
The establishment of any relationship, both individual and expert is honesty.
Alexander Mejia

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein

The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Daily Storytelling Time

STATUS QUO: The Five Monkeys Experiment

In the 1980s an experiment on monkeys was made by a researcher who conducted a study on social dynamics. The researcher put five monkeys in a huge cage. At the top of the cage, he placed a bunch of bananas.
Then a ladder was placed inside the cage, leading to the bananas.
The monkeys saw the bananas and sent one of them up to get them.
When the monkey got to the top and reached for the bananas, the scientist threw a stream of cold water on the monkey’s face. Caught by surprise, the monkey scurried down the ladder. Then, the scientist threw cold water on all the monkeys. A little cold water in the face didn’t entirely stifle their ambition, so a few minutes later, the monkeys sent another one up the ladder. Again the scientist threw cold water on the monkey and the monkey quickly climbed down the ladder. Once more, the cold water treatment was repeated for all the monkeys.
Ten minutes later a third monkey attempted to climb the ladder. But the other monkeys, remembering the punishment that follows, beat up the ambitious monkey and didn’t let him climb up.
A few days later, the scientist removed one of the five monkeys and introduced a new monkey to the group.
The new monkey saw the bananas and naturally, attempted to climb the ladder. The original four monkeys grabbed him and beat him up. Then a second monkey was replaced with a new monkey. Again, the new monkey attempted to climb up and the three original monkeys together with the first new monkey grabbed him and beat him up. That was impressive because the first new monkey was never given the cold water treatment, but he behaved like the other members of the group.
Gradually, all monkeys were replaced with new ones. The new monkeys continued the same treatment of any monkey who tried to reach the bananas. They would pull him off and beat him up, despite the fact that none of them experienced the cold water treatment. In the end, all the monkeys learned that they should never go for the bananas.
This experiment describes perfectly how our society often reacts, when someone attempts to break the rules and change things.

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